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Post Diploma In Power Plant Engineering, Safety & Technology [ Iaea Standard ]


Post Diploma In Power Plant Engineering, Safety & Technology [ Iaea Standard ]

The course presents the principles and key issues of nuclear safety, including the following topics:

In this course, students explore the engineering design of nuclear power plants using the basic principles of reactor physics, thermodynamics, fluid flow and heat transfer. Topics include reactor designs, thermal analysis of nuclear fuel, reactor coolant flow and heat transfer, power conversion cycles, nuclear safety, and reactor dynamic behavior.

The purpose of this qualification is to disseminate lessons learned information regarding
training and human resource considerations for commissioning of nuclear power plants
(NPPs).The IAEA technical working group on training and qualification of nuclear power plant personnel. Subject cover the experiences gained regarding commissioning training for nuclear power plant projects This recommendation was made in recognition that in many of the Member States with operating nuclear power plants it has been some years since an NPP has been commissioned, and most of the staff with experience in commissioning have since retired. Additionally, in a number of Member States serious consideration is being given to initiating new nuclear power programmes. This publication is intended to provide useful information for both of these situations.

This Qualification is intended to apply to commissioning of NPP projects in Member States that are initiating their nuclear power programmes, as well as in those Member States with established nuclear power programmes.

This Safety Guide was prepared under the IAEA programme for establishing safety standards for nuclear power plants. It provides recommendations on fulfilling the Safety requirements on Safety of Nuclear Power Plants:

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Course Subject

Students will be able to recognize and recall the basics of nuclear reactor terminology, definitions, and concepts associated with reactor physics and theory and technology of nuclear power plant.

Students will learn principals of water chemistry control for nuclear power plant systems.

Students will classify different materials and alloys in power plant application and describe effects of radiation on them such as fracture of nuclear fuel, stress development in the reactor vessel wall, erosion/corrosion effects.

Students will apply their knowledge of basic electrical theory, basic alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) theory in application to nuclear power.

Students will apply their knowledge of mechanical engineering principals to the theory of valve fundamentals and components, pumps, turbines, vibration, rotating equipment safety

Civil engineering design principals and considerations will be named.
The construction and principle of operation of the different sensing and indicating devices used at power plants will be explained to students.

  • Radiation protection in nuclear facilities
  • Design of a nuclear reactor, interfaces with security
  • Safety classification of structures, systems and components
  • Deterministic accident analysis and probabilistic safety analysis
  • Links between probabilistic, deterministic analysis and risk informed decision making
  • Sitting considerations and environmental impact assessment
  • Operational safety, including operational feedback
  • Limiting conditions for operation
  • Plant renewals, modifications and upgrades, ageing
  • Maintenance and surveillance programmes
  • In-plant accident management and emergency preparedness and response
  • Safety of the fuel cycle, management of spent fuel and safety of transport of radioactive material
  • Decommissioning and waste management
  • Regulatory control
  • Management system, leadership and safety culture
  • Human performance
  • Public communication

  • Free Job Assistance
  • Free 3 Months Classroom Training
  • Free Books and Bags

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